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Lash Lift is a process which the lashes are

restructured to create a lift.  The end results are

beautifully lifted lashes that mimics lashes that

were curled with a lash curler. It opens up the

eyes to make them look more refreshed and

awake. Results can last 3-8 weeks depending on

the aftercare and the your natural lash growth

cycle. The faster the natural lashes grow, the

sooner the lash lift will grow out. To maintain

neat and lifted lashes, the natural lashes will have

to be re-lifted every 3-8 weeks.

This service is a great alternative to lash extensions! It requires less maintenance and the aftercare is simpler. 

$80.00 Lash Lift with Lash Tint

$60.00 Lash Lift with No Tint

Long Lashes
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